The style of practice and training has been proven with new and high-level wrestlers at all ages! Ramos has worked with brand new wrestlers and within months and short periods of time, they improved at high fast levels, and achieved goals that they never expected. This is the reason why he keeps wanting to build this opportunity. The dramatic improvement in kids motivates all of us and helps everyone. It’s a mentality and character first in order to build excellence for State Champions and Olympians. The process is unique as it is willing to test, assess, and challenge your wrestler. The training and camps have produced over 500 State Champions in 10 years and developed 33 High School State Champions in 2018-2019.
This style is for someone wanting more than just mediocre and tired of losing, feeling “allergic to average.” It is for someone who wants to win a State Title and who is willing to do what it takes to be the Champion. There are no distractions, and no excuses allowed! We will be doing what it takes in a short period of time, which is Eating, Sleeping, and Training!