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Team Camps

Bring your team for a week of training at RTWC facilities. Coach Ramos will provide individual attention while teaching you the system that enabled him to coach: National Champions, NCAA All Americans,  HS state titles, high school records, HS All-Americans,  as well as leading the Schoolboy Team USA to a UWW Pan American Gold World title in 2018, in Freestyle and Greco Roman, leading to 9 out of 10 Gold Medalists.

Develop team unity while training harder than you have ever trained before!

Team Camps are designed to build the same techniques and attitude developed at the individual camp. The only difference is the entire team learns to drill the essential techniques and recognize the level of intensity necessary to win championships. The camaraderie and intensity that are produced in this environment will pay tremendous dividends next season. To guarantee successful implementation of the training system, coaches must accompany their team. Videotaping and hands on learning are critical for you and your coaching staff to properly implement the training system.

Why This Camp is Different:

Most other team camps are designed around the same basic daily structure; two sessions of technique and one session with dual meets. Why is this a problem? Most collegiate team camps have a rotating teaching staff that teaches random subject areas rather than a comprehensive system of wrestling. As a result, many wrestlers will leave these camps learning a couple moves but never mastering the fundamentals of position, motion, and the importance of proper set ups, shots, and finishes. In addition, wrestlers may only get to compete for about 10-12 minutes per evening during the dual meet practice.

My camp however is structured to develop wrestlers at any level to reach their maximum potential. A sound curriculum of fundamental techniques and intensity is the basis of my camp. During each session, technique is reinforced by hard drilling to ensure wrestlers commit each move to muscle memory. The week of training culminates with a 30-minute hard drill that encompasses everything taught at camp. The 30-minute drill consists of hard hand fighting (brawling), with the setup, shot, and finish being called out and performed on command. Through repetition and intensity each wrestler masters the technical skill and the mental toughness necessary to break their opponent. This gives each wrestler the confidence to compete at a higher level.

In addition, while most camps run dual meets that offer each wrestler only 8-10 live matches through the week, at my camp each wrestler will wrestle each evening in a 2-hour live wrestling session with wrestlers from across the country. In the course of the week each wrestler will compete in 50-70 live mini matches. The entire camp day is devoted to developing each wrestler. This experience brings teams together.

How Team Camps are Scheduled and Structured:

Camps are formed by placing 5-6 teams together from across the nation to form a group of 55-75 wrestlers. Weeks are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Please call or email to check available dates. A minimum of 8 wrestlers is required to attend camp as a team. Any team less than 8 wrestlers please contact Coach Jordan. The cost for team camp is $385 per wrestler. Two coaches attend camp for free. All meals and accommodations are included.



Coaches, please call Chris Ramos, at 610-223-0409 or email to schedule your team for team camp.

Various teams that have attended RTWC Camp, LLC are as follows:

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:
Chris Ramos, PO Box 14402, Clearwater, FL 33759