Camp Pack List

Please pack accordingly. Most wrestlers shower after every session. You are required to shower after every evening session before you go to bed.

Please pack your belongings in gym bags. Space is limited, suitcases take up more space than gym bags.

Wrestling Shoes, Head gear

Running Shoes

Shower Shoes (If desired)


Long Sleeve T-Shirts




Spandex/ Under Garments

Singlets (Singlet Night- Wednesday evening practice)

Towels (3-4)

Toiletries (Soap, Deodorant, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Lotion, ETC.)

Athletic Tape (If you use tape for your fingers, wrists, or ankles)

Sleeping Bag (Air Mattresses are accepted as well, please do not bring a cot)


Plastics Bags (Dirty Clothes) laundry is not provided

Spending Money

Pizza in the Evening
Soda and Gatorade in the Soda Machine
Camp Store – T-Shirts, Shorts, Knee pads, etc.