New Era

A new era of training is upon us. Our organization has traveled throughout the country competing and training, and is now ready to share our next level of success with the rest of the nation. We specialize in elite level athletes who do not have the average person’s mindset. Regardless of skill, Young All-Stars can work with anyone willing to reach this mindset and follow through with their goals. Specifically, it is for the goal oriented who want to be serious with their time, effort, commitment, and hard work above others.

Ramos’ Training is a systematic program. It is specialized and individualized within the camps, clinics, and everyday practice structure to achieve the high-level format. Not only does it set the pace of wrestling activity; but most importantly, it reveals the determination that is necessary to excel. The character focus is based on respect, discipline, and commitment. The program has been proven and works for all ages and groups from K-12, to collegiate, and Olympian levels.

Success and Failures leaves Clues. Work Harder and Smarter.