Young All-Stars Club Application

Young All Stars Training

“What you do at your lowest moment, defines you.” 

“What you put in, is what you get back in Wrestling.”

“You are defined by what you do at your lowest moment.”

Our Goal

This Club is different! It is designed to provide the elite wrestler with the optimal training environment that is essential for success. Team Ramos Training is an intense environment focused on live wrestling with elite competition from Ohio and other surrounding states. Coach Ramos will allow you to train year round, which is crucial in developing confidence and mental toughness. Ramos Training will help you master the intensity that has helped produce over 900 State Champions from the Young All Stars.  This club will allow you to be trained by the best and give you the opportunity to compete against the best wrestlers throughout the state on a weekly basis. This is an intensive 3 month club designed for the wrestler whose goal is to be a State Champion!

• The club has limited availability so get your application in ASAP.

• Wrestlers must be willing to train at a serious level.

• Selections for Ramos will be processed in the same manner as the Young All Stars Camp

Club Format

• Young All Stars Wrestling Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday, with Clinics Saturday.

• Times: All Wrestlers Sundays 6:30-8:00pm

• Payments will be collected in two allotments. The first payment of $100 must be received with the application by Nov. 24th. The second payment of $75 is due February 1st. Payment in full for the year would be $175.

• Registered Full Payment Club members will receive a Young All Stars Apparel item.

• Payment not received by the first and second installment dates prohibits team members from participation, until balance is settled.

• Coach Ramos will make selections for Young All Stars and will email back confirmation letters with directions, dates, and times.