Chris Ramos was born and raised in the country farm lands of Chester County and Berks County, Pennsylvania. He grew up playing all sports and was highly competitive since his elementary school years. He always had a work ethic full of goals, aspirations, and motivation to improve and train in professional athletics.

Since a young age, growing up and traveling throughout the Northeast United States is some of his most favorable memories. The most fun he had in youth wrestling was playing games and hanging out with his wrestling friends. Even while taking wrestling extremely serious, there was always time to enjoy being a youth wrestler. The losses were used as a positive learning opportunity and created a positive mindset and belief system. The belief system follows up with the right characteristics. He was blessed enough to work hard, capturing three state medals, a Freestyle PA State Championship, and All-America honors, earning a scholarship to his dream school since the age 10, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He was recruited to Penn State, Cornell, Pitt, and many other Division I schools, but even though they all were great choices, he decided to follow his dreams and go with the right choice.

In college, he trained at the Olympic Training Center, and all over the US, gaining high level experience with great coaches like Bill Zadick, Cary Kolat, Henry Cejudo, Glen Lanham, Kevin Jackson, and many other great wrestlers and coaches.

After his personal wrestling journey, Chris started training other Professional and Olympic Athletes in other sports, as well thousands of adults and kids in fitness and wrestling. Once realizing his passion for training, the focus and determination was making a dramatic impact on our youth and Wrestling.

Winning happens before you step on the mat, after you've already done what it takes, and you believe.